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Kenmore 110.70072990 by whirlpool dryer stuck key? how to open console?

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Hi guys and gals,

I have a Kenmore 110.70072990 gas dryer that seems to have a stuck key on the keypad.

I figured the first thing to try would be to open up the control panel and see if I could remove the keypad and clean out any junk that could have accumulated there. It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to get the panel open. It wouldn't open using a putty knife to open spring clips on the front (becaise whirlpool didn't use them on this model), and the ends didn't seem to want to pop off by gentle prying sideways as was suggested by some others on the web. It wasn't until I attempted to pry the end caps off by pulling FORWARD on the top of the end cap that I made progress. Once I got the end caps off the screws were exposed, and it came open easily. I guess that whirlpool has updated their methods.....

The symptom is that the dryer constantly goes back to the Cotton preset, no matter what button is pushed, and then beeps constantly while the dryer is running.

Prior to this, dryer seemed to run fine, except the automatic moisture control was not reading properly and it had to be used with a timed cycle. Then this keypad issue surfaced....

I believe I have eliminated the control board as the issue -- when I disconnect the keypad from the control board while it is running the beeping stops. Connecting it back causes it to start again.

I gently pried off the cover for the keypad/control panel.and exposed the switches -- no obvious issues -- all of them still had their dome shape. I gently pried loose the "cotton preset" switch top and found nothing underneath that would explain a short. I followed the path of the printed circuit and tested the switch using an ohm meter and it seemed to be open unless pressed. I am thinking that there must be a short somewhere in the printed circuit -- but it's not obvious. Does anyone have any suggestions or do I just need to bite the bullet and get a new keypad?

I am temporarily going to plug the hole in the beeper so that I can run it on the cotton preset until I get an answer from you folks.

Also, any good links to a service manual for this machine, or it's whirlpool cousin?

I await the wisdom of the Samuai Appliantologists....

Philip (aka phreich)

P.S.. I tried to look at the picture that was pointed to by the old site, but it seems to no longer be available there or on this site. See this thread for the link: http://applianceguru...m1/13091.html�� The JPEG image it refers to is titled: "WPconsole.JPG" but the link doesn't work, and the file doesn't seem to be present on the new website.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The problem is the keypad/console and there isn't really anyway to fix them except to replace it with a new one.

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from the tech sheets Diagnostic Test # 5:
No dryer function is activated when a particular touchpad is pressed:
If the associated LEDs do light up, it is possible that the control board has failed.
Check touchpad functioning (see box at right) before replacing control board.

Tech Sheet - 3977701.pdf
link PM'd

Control Board



Any part ordered from RepairClinic can be returned for a refund for any reason (less shipping)
(even installed electrical parts)

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Thanks for the responses!

RegUS_PatOff PM'd me the tech sheet (it was missing from the dryer).

I figured I didn't have anything to lose, so I gently pulled/peeled the cover off the panel (it is held together with some kind of contact cement) and found that one of the lines going to the "cotton preset" switch on the plastic circuit board had shorted -- I cut the line prior to the short (which disabled two of the preset switches -- not a big deal), and the panel is working again. I may try to solder a jumper across the shorted area and see if I can get the two switches back. It doesn't make a lot of sense to spend about $200 for a replacement panel for a 10 year old dryer.

If I feel more flush and decide to go for a replacement panel, do you know if they corrected the problem that causes these shorts, or is it likely to occur again in the replacement panel?

Thanks again!


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I personally don't think a new panel would be any different then the older ones, they all seem to develop problems sometime during there life. You got 10 years out of the original one, that's pretty good I would say.

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