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g e dishwasher model gsd4000r15bb

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mysterious dishwasher---- drains just fine, plunger goes into solenoid and good strong drain but the wierd part is the water valve is energized during final drain phase(actually all the drain phases) and it fills with water while its draining with the end result being when cycle is finished there is still water in the tub. didnt believe my eyes so i unplugged the water valve when final drain started and when cycle advanced todry the tub was fully pumped out. thought possible some connection to float and float switch but checked float and it was free and checked switch and it opened and closed properly. any ideas would be appreciated----baffled

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

that would make sense but this unit is real plain jane with a regular dial type mechanical timer just like the old ge potscrubers etc. . however homeowner said it is nearly new which in homeowner speak means anywhere from 5 years old to ,well,nearly new like six months old. hope that info helps i could sure use some advice on this one. thanks for your response.

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that would make sense but this unit is real plain jane with a regular dial type mechanical timer

which part ?

GSD4000R15BB Parts Diagram


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well this is wierd i would say part no#916 but that obviously isnt a regular mechanical timer but it sure feels and looks like one when you turn it. looks just like the plain old nautilus i bought my mama abought 8 years ago or the ge potscrubber that every builder in texas installed for the last 25 years or so in new homes. is that 905 or 820 a controller or just a run of the mill selector switch ? thanks for the diagram.

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108 Screw 6-20 Part # WR01X1718

511 E ring Part # WD02X0438 Substitution WD2X438

711 Door panel Part # WD31X10024

712 Badge Part # WD34X11493

715 Screw Part # WD02X0432

716 Link hinge a Part # WD14X10009

717 Cover Part # WD27X10076 Substitution WD27X10255

756 Access panel Part WD27X10223

758 Scr 8-32 hxp Part # WD02X10162

759 Panel toe ki Part # WD27X10068

775 Scr 10-16 hx Part # WD02X10127

801 Hinge arm Part # WD14X10029

801 Hinge arm Part # WD14X10030

802 Latch Part # WD13X10003

803 Interlock switch Part # WD06X10009

807 Door inner Part # WD31X10004

808 Clip harness Part # WD01X10110

810 Scr 8-18 ab Part # WD02X10106

810 Screw Part # WD02X0296 Substitution WD2X296

811 Tank rinse a Part # WD12X10264

814 Scr 8-10 pl Part # WD02X10104

815 Vent Part # WD12X10026

817 Scr 10-32 tt Part # WD02X0445 Substitution WD02X10141

817 Screw Part # WD01X0550 Substitution WD1X550

818 Hinge bearing Part # WD12X10313

820 Vent pad Part # WD01X1490 Substitution WD1X1490

821 Clip rinse a Part # WD01X10415

822 Detergent cup cove... Part # WD16X0297 Substitution WD16X297

823 Detergent shaft Part # WD16X0313 Substitution WD16X313

826 Scr 8-18 b p Part # WD02X10130

827 Screw Part # WD02X0425 Substitution WD2X425

828 Latch detergent Part # WD16X10011

829 Fill cap Part # WD12X10284

837 Spring timer Part # WD03X0749 Substitution WD3X749

840 Spring Part # WD03X0764 Substitution WD3X764

843 Door gasket Part # WD08X10057

850 Shield clip Part # WD12X0338 Substitution WD12X338

861 Lever timer Part # WD12X0436 Substitution WD12X436

901 Escutcheon/i Part # WD34X11543

901 Escutcheon Part # WD34X11334

902 Graphic & in Part # WD34X11569

903 Detergent cover Part # WD12X10182

905 Control Part # WD21X10380

916 Cam d cup Part # WD16X0319

920 Motor Part # WD26X0080 Substitution WD26X80

921 Switch se Part # WD21X0767 Substitution WD21X767

936 Plug asm mod Part # WD21X10205

943 Screw Part # WZ05X0219 Substitution WZ5X219

970 Latch knob Part # WD09X0351 Substitution WD9X351

971 Screw-pkg 12 Part # WZ02X0045 Substitution WZ2X45

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