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Kenmore Washer/Dryer Combo 417.90862990 - Washer Agitator/Spin Cycle

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Since I am on a repair kit with this unit, I thought I would make one more post, this time concerning the washer. The issue has to do when the washer enters the spin cycle. Sometimes, and almost always on small loads, instead of spinning the washer goes back into agitator mode and finishes the wash that way. When the cycle is complete there is no water is in the tub, but the clothes are to wet to go into the dryer. To "fix" it, I open the cover, set the cycle to spin and use a screwdriver to activate the switch. If I enable and disable the switch several times with the screwdriver, it will eventually enter spin mode. Then while carefully keeping the screwdriver in place, I close the lid on top of the scewdriver and then able to walk away.

Any thoughts on this? When it spins, it spins properly. And with full/large loads the problem occurs less often.


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