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8 Pound Ice Cube! Sub-Zero Model 642/O Ice Maker

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With help from this community we were able to diagnose and have repaired the evaporator coil in our Sub-Zero Model #642/O Side by Side. Happy wife, happy life! Now, I'd like to try to get help with the ice-maker, which hasn't worked properly in years. When the ice-maker cycles and drops ice in the bin there is also water with it which then freezes in the bottom of the bin and after a few cycles I have an 8 lb. ice cube. Great for a cooler, but hard to fit in a glass. Here's the fridge info:


Model #642/O

Serial #M1674955

Mfg. Dated: 10/2000

I'm at work right now but can send pictures if necessary. I browsed the site this past weekend but couldn't find anything specific to my Sub-Zero model.

Again, thanks for any help; I'd love to have ice for my tea in the 98 degree weather!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... and... no external Water Filter on the Input ?

... water source should not be from a "self-piercing" saddle valve

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There is no external water filter and I "think" the saddle valve is the self-piercing type. What inthe self-piercing valve would cause the ice maker overfill or leak?

I'll check when I get home to be sure of the valve type. If it is a self-piercing, should I do both, replace the valve with a drill type valve AND put in a new water inlet valve, or is it strictly the saddle valve issue?


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