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Excess condensation

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My central AC unit all of the sudden began producing excess condensation from the coils which is leaking into the secondary catch pan in the attic and running out of the attic drain to the outside of the house. A week prior I had a service tech out to add freon but he was not able to locate a leak at that time. He did look in the blower unit and in the coils for the leak. Can anyone offer a possible cause for this new development? Thanks.

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Excess may or may not be excess.

Check and clear the primary drain line,it could be stopped up.

The primary drain pan under the coil may have a crack in it.

A shop vac on the drain line from the outside of the house works good.

Check the air handler panel for loose or missing screws and a tight seal.

Excess humidity from the attic ditectly into the air handler causes excess condensate.

Check the incoming side of the evaporator coil for dirt and dust.

A dirty coil and or dirty blower wheel blades can cause this.

Loose ductwork at the return plenum must be resealed.

Low refrigerant usually results in a frozen coil not excess condensate.

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