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Kitchen-aid ice machine KUIS15NRTB1

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May I have info how to put in diagnostic mode & assorted steps in diagnose, & service sheet for troubleshooting components. Anything else that is pertinant to malfunctioning unit. All I know is customer says it is not making ice.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Finished ice machine call early this morning. Machine was slow in production, but making ice. Machine in run down RV with no AC. Compressor & area extremely hot. He had fan blowing against condenser fan, no back to machine. Accessed condenser front vents, maybe 25% blockage. Condenser maybe 10%blocked. Opened ventilation, compressor temps immediately decreased.

Put Unit in Diagnostic mode (thanks RegUS_ for tech sheet). Control panel buttons take some jiggling to activate, work none-the-less. Every component in working order except evaporator reading only 11 degree F(excellant frost pattern) , Should be lower I believe.

Put unit in clean cycle (70 minutes) using Ice machine (nichoel) cleaning concentrate. When done I put in 20# bag of ice in bin to help lower temps (August in South Texas). Turned unit on production cycle.

That was early this morning. As of 2 pm customer happy, making boo-koos ice. Thanks again Repair Accademy, Samurai, & Reg.

Next post coming soon Patricio

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