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Whirlpool Microwave Problem

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I have a microwave, model number MH7140XFB-1 that is giving me trouble. It heats fine at first. It'll raise the temperature of 16oz. of water about 40 degrees in 60 seconds. Then, it seems like after it gets hot, the microwave still runs, but the magnetron cuts out. It starts back sometimes during the middle of a "cycle", and sometimes when it is off and I cut it back on.

Also, when I put it on a cook power of "5", I can hear the "clicking" of the relay in the board that I think energizes the magnetron, but the magnetron sometimes runs, sometimes doesn't.

Seems to me that either the HV transformer or magnetron may be drawing too much current and kicking a safety????

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

This model was included in Whirlpools rework, in which a potential overheating condition could occur in the wave-guide.  Does the serial number begin with xc?  If it does was there a re-work done on this oven?  This could be your problem...Ron

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Thanks for the info. I found the following info. on My model # is in the group, and the serial number is within the ones listed. I will check it out in the morning! Thanks again!

Microwave Oven Overheating


MODELS: MH6140XF, MH7140XF, GH7145XF, YMH6140SX,

YGH7145XF, MH8150XJ, GH8155XJ, KHMS147H,

KHMS145J, YKMS145J, KHMS147K, & KHMS145K



CUSTOMER          Overheating smell coming from the top of the microwave cabinet.

COMPLAINTS:      cabinet. Microwave not working.


CAUSE:     Thermal cut-off terminals are being loosened or damaged during part   replacement, resulting in overheating terminals and connections.


CORRECTION: Install a thermal cut-off repair kit (Part #8205204) to

repair the wire and terminals. Once this is done, a new

rework kit (Part #8184461) must be installed.


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