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Kenmore 80 Series Washer -full of water -stopped working

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Respected Appliantologists,

I have here a Kenmore 80 Series washer. Type 111. Model 110-24862300. Serial CP4742214.

The load is what I consider to be normal-sized. I didn't stuff it. I came to switch to dryer and there is sat. Full of water. Turning the timer and other selector knobs doesn't make anything happen. I unplugged the machine and plugged in to the other receptacle and still nothing. I confirmed that the outlet is live by plugging in a fan.

The laundry load is some of my Dad's clothes at my grandmother's house. He died yesterday morning and I am trying to clean up and make arrangements, find his Army discharge papers from Vietnam, keep my grandmother out of my hair and not be bitter about the fact that Kenmore is nothing more than a storefront. Smile.

What say you all? Bad timer? Bad timing? Washer just wanted to last longer than him? Ha!

Many thanks!


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

:-( ...condolences on the loss of your Dad...

sounds like a lid switch failure...find the plunger on the inside of the lid...plastic, prolly 1 1/4" long. Follow it down to the hole it goes into to depress the lid switch.

get a small screwdriver and press that lid switch actuator....does it click? Is there some resistance or does the actuator seem to be just flopping there?

to get you by until you can replace this...remove the case (2 screws bottom of the control console, flip the console back and remove the brass colored spring clips holding the case to the back plate, then tip case forward and remove)...cut the 2 wires going to the switch and wirenut them together. This will get it working until you can get a new switch.

good luck!

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Thanks for the kind words and guidance. Did what you said and nothing happened but I noticed tsomething hanging down under the lid. The metal switch actuator. I took the screws out, cut the switch out and hotwired the lines.

Worked like a charm. I'll order a switch next week.

Thanks so much!


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