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Brooke Falconer

Amana AKGD3060SS spark module location?

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Good Evening Gentlemen (and the too few and far between Women)

I am working on a Amana 4 burner gas cooktop. The left rear and right front burners are not igniting and after switching around the spark ignitors I have deduced that it requires a new spark module (insert comment if you disagree with my diagnosis here :teehee: ) However I am a little unsure of how to get to the spark module. There is a small access plate under the unit (towards the front of the counter) but it doesn't look big enough to get to the spark module if it is even in there. Does anyone have any experience on where the thing is and how to get to it?

Any help is appreciated,

#14 on this diagram

This is the cooktop

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Unfortunately, it looks like you have to remove everything on the top of the unit and separate the main top from the bottom of the unit, just like the pain in the butt Jenn-Air cooktops.

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from the service manual:

Maintop Disassembly

1. Disconnect power supply and shut off gas supply to cooktop.

2. Support cooktop from below, to prevent damage to ducting.

3. Remove screws securing maintop to burner box.

4. Remove knobs from control panel, by pulling straight upward, and remove glass control panel.

5. Remove screws securing control panel to maintop.

6. Lift maintop up to remove from burner box.

7. Reverse procedure to reassemble, verifying that maintop is correctly placed on the burner box.

NOTE: When placing maintop back onto burner box verify gasket is properly in place.

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