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jeff lee

GE Self cleaning locked door light - blinking

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GE 27" double wall oven model number JKP48B0F688

The missus initiated self clean mode in the lower oven 4 days ago, the process was normal, that is, it ran thru the self incenerate process without a hitch

But now the door 'locked' light is blinking - constantly, I guess it s getting into the festive Holiday mode...but it's drving me and the missus to drink, more that is.

The oven functions fine otherwise, the door is not locked, it bakes and broils just fine

I've attempted to 'reset' the control panel wizardry by shutting down power to the oven (@ the circuit breaker) many times and for various lengths of time, to no avail, the 'lock' light stiil blinks(upon restoring power to the unit) like a woeful Christmas tree

Can anyone offer insight as to how to stop it from blinking?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Running Your Oven's Self-Clean Could Mean Cold Turkey on Thanksgiving Day


“My Rules”:

Rule #1) Don't ever use Self-Clean on any Oven.

Rule #2) If you're thinking about using Self-Clean, see rule #1.

Self-Clean uses nearly 1000F for 3 hours or more. burnin.gif

That can wreak havoc on Electronic Controllers and Connections.

check pages 34 & 35 (PDF pages 36 & 37)


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Thanks Very Much !

The procedure outlined has 'exorcised' the blinking indicator, restoring marital bliss within the household

I am wary, however of showing the missus the attachment concerning self-cleaning (incinerating) no-nos... she insists on using this self destruct feature !


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then tell her, she may, one day, be shopping for a new Oven ... NO ! .. wait !! :whistling:

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Oh yeah, she'll do the 'shopping' allright, but it is your's truly who will have to pay for it AND install it, like the GE before this one and the Whirlpool before that ! (my humble abode is 50 years old)


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