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Bosch Dishwasher with Wood Panel Door

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Hi - 


You folks gave me great advice a while back when my bosch shv dishwasher wouldn't heat water - per this forum it was a bad solder joint on a relay and i took the door off, pulled the circuit board - re-soldered and voila -  Perfectly working.


Now about a year later the wood paneled door has come loose  off the frame (getting the frame/door onto the washer was actually harder than fixing the circuit board.  One of the plastic brackets that helps hold the wood paneled door to the interior metal frame has snapped off one of its flanges and this is why it's come loose.  If you look at this first picture the snapped flange is on the right




- on the second pic with high mag it is on the bottom




I've attached a pic of the plastic bracket - i looked through your parts for sale and couldn't find a similar one.


I have 3 questions:


1.  Do you have the bracket for sale?

2.  If not it seems like i could just use some type of metal brace/bracket instead?

3.  Any hints for attaching the door once the wood paneled frame is attached to the interior metal frame to the existing dishwasher - getting it to mount and sit right was a challenge last time.


Many thanks appliance masters!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I Goggled.......... ."Bosch wood door mounting kit"....A lotta choices popped up, You may have to read thru a few PDF files to get the correct parts......................

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