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Whirlpool dishwasher leaks at door Model GU2475XTVQ1

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This dishwasher has been sitting for 6 months during a major remodeling project.  It leaked about 1 cup of water throughtout all cycles during the first run.  It leaked a few tablespoons during the last rinse (or after) during the 2nd run.


Does this make sense - maybe the door gasket was not sealing great but is now "re-conforming" to the door and thus the leaking is diminishing and will soon be eliminated?


Is the door gasket the only thing that could cause this type of leak?



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If it is a wee dribble each time the unit starts after filling, suspect one of the vents - the one in the door, or the one on the side. If something is jamming the side tub vent, or if the one in the door is not opening, water will squirt over the tub from heat/pressure.

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