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Maytag MSD2959 water lines and more water lines, Help!

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I'm working on an MSD2959*** the unit has 2 water solenoid valves, that parts easy.

Someone tried to repair the lines but put them in the wrong places across the 2 valves.

The outlet line on the top valve is hooked up to the water source at the wall and the inlet to the top

valve goes up top to the filter.

The lower valve hase nothing hooked up to the inlet but leaks at the inlet when energized.


The service manual does not show the routing for the water lines, I downloaded it.

Sad part is I just worked on one 3 weeks ago and cant remember the routing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

First step is to always provide a Complete model number... Accuracy is always important as well as i think the second 9 should be a 7. Since you also did not provide valve part numbers, I had to spend time guessing your complete model number to pull up a diagram in order to find the valve part numbers. Your assumption that all fridges in that model series use the same valve may be true, but one day you will regret making such an assumption. I just had dinner, so I was in a good enough mood to go through the trouble. In essence, help us help you.

That aside and using model no. MSD2957GEB, the water line from the faucet should be connected to the inlet on the smaller of the two valves. The outlet from that valve goes to the filter. The filter out line goes to the inlet of the larger valve. Water then leaves that valve to ice maker(smaller line) and water dispenser(larger line)

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Sorry guys, its a MSD2957AEB. Durham was right, it was a 7 and also right in that

one should not assume when it comes to this stuff. I am experienced enough to know better.


The "Y" is still there. I think that the Y goes to the lower valve (looking in from the back) and the top valve takes

the IM and the dispenser.

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