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Asko T700 Dryer wiring

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Can anyone post or send me a clear photo of the wiring in the back right (facing it) corner of this dryer?  This is where there are two blocks and a strip of terminals.  It is the two blocks I most want to see.  I think I put mine back together wrong and it would be nice to verify that.  Or, maybe, something else broke...




Fixed broken belt, worked fine, 2 loads.


1 week later, vibration (like a rhythmic thumping, not super loud).


Took it apart, couldn't find anything.  This is an older dryer (12 yrs approx).  Maybe the accumulated junk I cleaned out had been absorbing some vibration.


Put it back together, now it won't stay on when the start is pressed.  So, I suspect I put the wiring back wrong on the blocks.


Or, maybe something else has gone.







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I am challenged by the Asko wiring diagram.  It would be helpful to have a color picture, or even a diagram that had wire colors.  Anyone?

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Colored wire is a Ameedican thang.  None of the European manufacturers use colored wire to cut down on their costs.  They expect techs who service their stuff can read a wiring diagram / schematic.  


You're just gonna have to chase wires and make sure they're going where they're supposed to.  Do 'em one and time and tag 'em after they've been cleared.  Tedious?  Painful?  You'll re-define those words after this experience.

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