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Frigidaire frontload washer, LTF2140FS1

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Complaint that door not locking, thus machine dead.    Arrive at residence, not the best housekeeping.   Machine is 4 years old & looks 12,  door is rusting like crazy.  Stacked unit crammed in between overstuffed cabinet & huge refer.   Looks like hours job just to get room to work on unit.  Not what I want to do.  But, I attack anyway.   Go in from front, pull boot, get door latch out.  Not sure how to test unplugged from harness, have no tech sheet anyway knowing what to ohm.   Have continuity with some resistance between the black do hickey with 2 terminals.  The other 4 terminals have no continuity no made which combination I use (more than likely have continuity with latch locked.


None-the-less reinstall plug in connections after checking for corrosion on terminal ends.     Close door, push start,  Click it locks,  starts to fill.   I cycle on off several times.  Works like it suppose to.    South Texas coastal weather plays heck with electronics.


Question:  Going to replace latch assembly.  RC suggests replacing wiring harness which is twice the cost of latch.   I would have to pull top dryer & everything else down plus move some heavy stuff to replace harness.   What are your comments every one who has replace frigidaire front load door latches?    I am also going to rebuild door per customers instruction.   Customer does not want to purchase new stack-able cause this one works fine according to her.  I would like to keep the repairs somewhat reasonable in price without shortchanging myself.   Is the harness necessary or would I be compromising the warranty.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... Is the harness necessary




from RepairClinic part description:

Door lock and switch assembly.

A select few washers will require a new wire harness kit and door strike for this item to work per the manufacturer.

If assembly does not wire directly in, see Related Items for harness and strike.

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I haven't yet run across one that needed a new harness, but from the wording of that, sounds like some out there have a slightly different harness/latch from the factory, and the replacement latch crosses to this one. So if the one you took out is the common one like pictured above, I wouldn't worry about the harness.

If you did have to have it moved out, in that scenario, ask the customer to have it done before you return, noting that the alternative is for you to charge them extra for you to do it. Don't short change yourself.

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