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Jenn-Air Range Model# W30100B, F-2 code and beeping.

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The cleaning people use the self clean on this a lot, and I suspect the F-2 code and beeping sound is due to a bad Thermal Fuse?  I'm having trouble finding the fuse, would it be P/N 71001844 ? or could it be a control board?  Thanks,

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F2= Over temperature sensed. Over 620F. Check sensor. If OK, Replace Power Relay Board.

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on any brand ...

each time you use self-clean, the heat puts a stress on everything ....

Running Your Oven's Self-Clean Could Mean Cold Turkey on Thanksgiving Day


“My Rules”:

Rule #1) Don't ever use Self-Clean on any Oven.

Rule #2) If you're thinking about using Self-Clean, see rule #1.

Self-Clean uses nearly 1000F for 3 hours or more. burnin.gif

That can wreak havoc on Electronic Controllers and Connections.


F1    Power to element relay activated J1, J2 wire harness connection to control shorted.

If during time of day display. checks ok, change control.


F2 Over temperature sensed  Ohm TEST SENSOR.   If checks ok, change control.


F3 Open sensor.   Ohm sensor.

F4 Shorted sensor.   Ohm sensor.


F5 Over temperature Ohm sensor.   Check connection of sensor wire harness.


F7 Shorted key Stuck Function Key on control.


F9 Door Code Check Latch Assembly.


For Models: W27100, W27200, W30100, WW27210, WM27260

(Oven Sensor Chart: Please refer to chart below)

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