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Dead Trane XL-14 heat pump out of warranty replacement

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Looking for comments and opinions..........


Out of consideration for contractors and dealers, I have intentionally ommitted the comparison product to the one I am purchasing, although from the same manufacturer. Not being sure about where lines are drawn on this forum, I chose to stay on the safe side unless otherwise notified.


Compressor shot, out of warranty, and R22. The math no longer comes close to working on installing a dry unit, so half of the replacement cost goes to ripping out a perfectly well functioning  indoor section, air handler and heat strips. The only salvage is the line-set. With that out of the way, looking for comments on my selection for replacement. In trying to blend budget, efficency, warranty, since I am semi-retired. I went with a Trane oddball unit that seemingly does not exist.


The XB is the budget line which as my HVAC guy stated, not generally reccomended by him in most cases. I did a rental property last year and went with XR/A/C only unit, instead.... only bumped the price 10%, and better parts and warranty. My HVAC guy is very good at quoting different systems, with a comp on warranties etc. No mysteries at all. However in the heat pump XB line, there is an oddball.....the XB-15 which has the same warranty as the XR series and the same two stage compressor as in a much higher level series. I find little via google, Trane or other sources, and of course when this thing is delivered, (although I really do trust my guy but......)  SHOW ME THE TWO STAGE BEFORE IT COMES OFF THE TRUCK!!......I have found comments regarding people being bid the same price on an XB-15 as a 14 or being offered a 15 as no 14 was available, which seems to validate it as a product, but nothing on Trane website etc. Using the Estimated National Average Annual numbers presented, about $50 +difference for heating and cooling each, which kinda just goes with the average 10% per SEER (XB@15 vs the higher end unamed Seer 16 Trane) unit against the portion of power bill dedicated to HVAC exclusive.


The much higher end unit has a different fan, larger coil surface area to achieve higher SEER rating, lower noise level, extra pressure safety switches and plastic top. While the differences are worth consideration, the drive out price with identical warranties and identical compressors is much, much, less with the oddball XB-15. 


Anyway could we get some comments on the Trane XB-15 Heat Pump from anyone who may be privy to info about it?


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