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Bosch Nexxt WFMC3200 Spin Cycle seems out-of-balance

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My Bosch Nexxt WFMC3200 front-load washing machine has recently begun making significantly more noise whilst in the spin cycle mode than before.  Sure, from time to time,  (like washing blankets or pillows) it would bang a bit ans sound like it was going to walk off, but this is now happening with more regularity and with more "normal" loads.


The drum, when turned manually turns freely and smoothly.  When forces are applied (in/out, side-side, up/down, the drum bounces freely and is "springy"  The manual shows that there are dampeners - like shock absorbers, with the photos indicating there are likely only two of them.  I believe these may be worn out and the culprit.


I also read that there is an (or perhaps multiple) out-of-balance sensor(s).  I wonder if a failed sensor would cause the issue.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Can you shoot a video with your phone or digital camera and upload it to YouTube so we can watch it in action?


Also check to see if the inner basket moves independently of the outer drum, like in the video below:


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