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Dear Samurais,

I have a Hotpoint ref freezer and the heater is bad,one wire connected to it is burnt to a crisp and the element is open.Iam going to change the thermistor sensor and the thermostat as well on this repair.I guess Iam afraid that there is something Iam missing and donbt want a recall.Any tips on how to test to make sure it is working before I leave customers home.Or what some of you pros do to avoid recallS on defrost type problems.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

The new heater comes with a new wire with end and a crimp wire nut...the defrost thermistor would be a good idea, but don't worry that bimetal rarely fails on these for some reason...maybe because its more hearty since it only protects against a stuck heater (150 degree) i think .

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The following 2 parts are required to assemble the diagnostic aid:
WX05X14999 Wiring harness
WR55X10390 Temperature control board
The purpose of the diagnostic aid is to enable you to operate individual components and test circuits on
electronic refrigerators that do not contain "built-in" diagnostics through the touch control board.
This includes all electronic models with a 4 pad touch control and electronic models with temperature control knobs.
Note: Not all diagnostic tests are available on all models.





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