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Amana washer-topload model Lw9203w2

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original problem unit stopped in middle of pump down and spin leaving 1/4 tub full of watewr and the board just showed two"dashes" or straight lines on screen. board would not clear or restart. checked lid switch for continuity in door closed position and it was good. unplugged at wall and plugged back unit still wouldnt start . ---ordered and installed the new board and now unit starts and fills and washes and agitates but as it counts down from 33 minutes of wash time it gets to 7 minutes and then indicator shows it has moved into spin but it doesnt pump down or spin it continues to agitate very slowly and at the 5 minute mark a screeching signal goes off and on the screen it shows what looks like  "rP" there is no error code key on the schematic paper-in fact im not sure it is an error code . when i clear and try restart it goes back to 7 minutes and repeats the same process described above. (stop 5 minute mark, alarm,error code) i tried to clear and pushed spin only (just to get the full tub of water out)   it shows spin and goes to 7 minutes but still no pump or spin and it repeats the old 5 minute stop screech error code scenario.  Totally confused any help appreciated.

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