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Kitchen Aid Dishwasher KUDS25SHBL1 will drain but not circulate

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Mother's day help needed - dishes piling up...


I have a Kitchen Aid DW KUDS25SHBL1. Motor runs, it will drain, but it will not circulate/ spray. The screen appears to be quite dirty and here is my problem. I remove the spray arm assembly and the screws holding on the cover to access the impeller. Per previous postings I take a large wrench to hold the impeller and try to remove the hold down bolt with a socket. The bolt just spins - and spins the motor shaft. I do not see any way to lock the motor shaft to allow removal. 


Any ideas? - Impeller stripped/cracked due to it not locking the shaft?





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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Love this dishwasher!  Energy Star is nowhere near it.  Uses lots of water and makes plenty of noise.  Great warranty on that motor but long expired by now.  Unfortunately you may have to replace the motor assy.  In my opinion it's well worth it.  Motor p/n W10428168.

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