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Frigidaire FFU20FC6CW3- upright freezer?

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Hope this is the right section to post up,,, really need to cut to the chase on this thing,,,, call it "dead" or fixable,,, what a weekend for it to go out, was packing to leave for the weekend and the light came on, red light,,, duh :woot: ,, had to unpack and go chase ice, went inside the freezer where I keep a thermometer, showing 20+ degrees, running all the time, which it has been for a week, but no light on,,,, anyway the inside looked good, evap fan running, frost on two top coil lines though, watched it through the day, it went through a defrost cycle, so the timer is working,,,, the biggest concern is the compressor housing is HOT to the touch, lines are warm, one is hotter than the rest, high pressure side I guess,,, but like I said the compressor runs continuously and it never gets below 20 degrees about middle shelf,,


I'm thinking the compressor is going/gone,, any thoughts on what else it could be before I kick it to the curb guys?



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

... frost on two top coil lines

Evaporator Coils should be evenly, completely, lightly frosted

OR likely a Freon system leak

(common on some Frigidaires)

may cost a few hundred to repair

(repair / replace leaky Evaporator, evacuate & recharge, etc)

may be time to go shopping

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Thanks for the reply, that confirms my decision to go ahead and get one on order,,,, hard to believe there's hardly anybody that actually stocks any.

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