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Thomas Kuoh

Wolf Range R366 poor ignition and large yellow orange flames

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Hi Samurai, 


I have a Wolf Range, 36" 6 burner. And I have 2 problems. 


1. The ignition is irregular. Sometimes it sparks right away and sometimes it take a while, if not a long while. All the ignitors seem to be firing. And it's not always the same burner that has the ignition problem. What could this be? I will take a wire brush to the sparkers if needed, but don't want to jump to any conclusions without some advice. 


2. The 2 right burners seem to have something wrong with the fuel/air mixture. The flame is too big on high, and with orange/yellow tips. The PG&E people with their meters read that the back right burner is outputting CO gas and recommended not using that burner. Is this something I can adjust?



Thank you, 




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Not much adjusting can be done with these type surface valves.  Are you getting a flare up when the slow ignitors finally work?  Make sure all burner assys are clean and burner caps are properly placed.  Check orifices for any blockage.  A lot of the symptoms point to a bad regulator.

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Can I wash and clean the burner caps like normal? just soap and water and scrub? Or any special instructions? 


They are seated properly, I've even swapped the burner caps and the oversized flame problem still occurs on the 2 right most burners only. 


How do I test the regulator? 


and what should I do about the slow ignition? 




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