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Westinghouse DE600ADW3 Dryer Leaving Brown Marks - Drum Seal Question

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Our 1994ish Westinghouse Dryer (DE600ADW3) is leaving brown marks.  They are not burns, and can be scrubbed out with effort.  We have caught the dryer in the process of leaving the marks.  Clothes are caught between the drum and the door frame, tumbled and twisted for a short period of time, and those marks appear.  My research has brought me to the conclusion that I need to replace the felt drum seal.

I have found this part:

 but it is the LOWER drum seal.  I'm not finding an upper seal, although I'm pretty sure the felt goes all the way around.  I'm also sure the felt at the top is the main culprit.  Is there a part that I'm missing?

I'm also wondering if I'll need this:

 high temperature adhesive.

Are there any tips to getting old adhesive off?  I haven't looked yet to see if this might be a problem.

This little gem is a family heirloom at this point.  It's been through three new belts, 100 lint cleanings (take apart and vacuum type of lint cleanings), and new rear bearings.  I hate to see it go because of the marks, but my wife is ready to kill either the dryer or me!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

....Could use kit number 5304461262.

better, yet

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Great find, Certified Tech Group 51!  I just ordered it.  I don't think I'll replace everything right now, but I will have them for later.  That kit is about $30 cheaper than the two felts and the adhesive bought as three separate items.  Thank you!

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