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Don't know what this part is called

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I've got an Admiral dryer, model LNC7761A77, about 12 yrs old. Just stopped running during a load. I've located the faulty part, but I don't know what its called so I can locate a new one. I think its the thermal fuse cutout. My heating element compartment is located high on the back wall and the part I removed and ohmed out, is about 2 inches down from the top on the right-hand side of the element compartment. I ohmed it out and got no continuity. When I taped the two wires together temporarily and bumped the timer switch, the dryer came on. This part is round and about the size of a dime, with no markings. Thanks. 

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

that would be the Hi-Limit Thermal Fuse,
comes as a kit,
Includes (yellow dot) for Gas Dryer, (pink dot) for Electric Dryer..
also includes Hi-Limit Thermostat,
which also needs to be changed.




usually caused by a clogged Vent System

Check / clean the Dryer Vent
Disconnect the Dryer Vent and check for good air-flow there and where it exits the house.
Check the Vent air temperature at the back of the Dryer.


Dryer Vent 4" diameter

Vent should be rigid metal.
Short lengths of flexible metal may be OK, if not crimped when moving the Dryer into place.
NO plastic
NO screws
Foil Duct Tape is OK.
With an empty load, Timed Dry, High Heat, the vent temperature should cycle somewhere between 135F and 160F

If you have a Harbor Freight Store near you,
$ 3.99 sometimes on sale for $ 2.99


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Thanks for the help my friend. Greatly appreciated. Not to open the forum to everything under the sun, but I'm a 31 yr. journeyman electrician. If I can ever help you with an issue, my email is

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Restricted exhaust ducts tend to blow this fuse.

Check your ductwork.

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