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Amana Dishwasher

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Greetings O Wise Masters,:notworthy:

Oh I of humble talents have a question: We gots a problem with an Amana

dishwasher Model DWA53AB.   Water inflows into machine OK, heater works OK, water

does not go to either spray arm NOR does water get pumped out of tub.  Motor

hums along just fine, but no waterworks:(.  Pulled out unit and inspected the

impeller (only one impeller here.)  Impeller shaft was loose on spindle and has a

couple of hairline cracks on the lengthwise direction of the shaft;  also

looks like it is just a pressure fit.  I can hold impeller with a finger and

turn the motor shaft with very little effort.I would have expected a tighter

fit.  I called a local appliance parts place in the area which I have dealt

with in the past (AP Wagner) and he thought the impeller "shold" be loose, I think not:?.  He did not have one in either of the two local warehouses so I could at least have a shot at it.  Reassembled - no joy! :grr:  Any suggestions from the wise ones?

Thanks, Terry

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Ahh, the infamous Friggidaire-built dishwasher for Amana.  The motor shaft should rotate freely but not be wobbly and the impeller should be firmly afixed to the shaft. 

Sounds like you need a new motor assembly.


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Exalted Grand Master,

The motor pump shaft does indeed spin freely  - the impeller is just loose on the shaft, not wobbly, just not a tight fit.  Still need a new motor assembly??? (Over $250 :yikes:- might as well toss in a few more $ and get a new machine.)

Also, this exploded diagram shows a drain "pump".  Is that really a pump or just a valve,:? or have I just reached nirvana and had both uinits give out on me at the same time, seeing as how I have no water reaching the spray arms AND I have no water being pumped out at any time during any cycle.

Your wise and sage pearls of wisdom are eagerly awaited.:notworthy:


ps If I have to go with a new unit, I read in one of the posts that Whirlpool is heads above Fridgidaire and GE.  Any other decently engineered manufacturers out there without spending a fortune - don't need lots of bells and whistles here - just a basic dishwasher (also what other lines are in with Whirlpool - just being lazy here> I know I could look it up) Thanks a heap!!

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I would lean toward Whirlpool, Roper, and KitchenAid.  Whirlpool all lines, Roper the economy line, just not all the fancy stuff, and KitchenAid the top line.  I would not buy any product that was not Whirlpool.  You would be wise to take your $250.00 and buy a new dishwasher and get away from that Frigidaire.  Pegi

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Yep, new motor time.  This dishwasher has a separate drain pump, too. 

Replacement dishwasher's are tough because there are no good ones being made today.  The best you can do is go for one that's easy to work on because you will be doing that alot. 

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