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Asko DW Reoccurring Problem With Basepan Float Switch

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Model: DW 70.1

Art No: 1075122120

Serial: 095001904101


Complaint - Drain pump always on.


Last week I went out to this DW and found the microswitch in the basepan float assembly melted out.  I replaced the switch and melted wires and the customer was able to use the DW 1 time for a complete cycle.  The 2nd time she ran it, the drain motor clicked on again and continued to run until she shut off the power.  


I went back today and found the microswitch burnt out again.  (See picture.)  There is some soap residue in the base but it was dry.


What is causing this switch to burn out and short to closed?  


Would love any input at all.  Thanks!





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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

If you are using the correct switch, something may be shorted or causing too much amp draw.

Here's the proper resistance values.


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Drain pump should read 26 ohms.  I've seen leaks that would cause the drain pump to run to the point of shorting the flood switch, both on Askos and Mieles.  Looks like a heavy soap mark under the diverter.  Might want to run component test in service menu and test for leaks.  To access component test:


1)  Turn off the main power switch.

2)  Wait at least 5 seconds.

3)  Press and hold the Program and Start buttons.

4)  Switch on the main power switch.

5)  Release the Program and Start buttons.


Press Program button to activate component test.

(These components are activated in order after each button press)


1)  Inlet valve and mixer valve (mixer valve open 1 second then inlet valve open, after next press of Program button both valves closed then only inlet valve open)

2)  Salt water valve

3)  Combi dispenser

4)  Circulation pump

5)  Circulation pump and element

6)  Fan and wax motor

7)  Drain pump

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Thanks guys.  I'm pretty disgusted with Asko right now.  When I called them for a tech help and a wiring diagram, they refused to help me.  I am the only local servicer willing to attempt to help this customer with her 2 yr old machine and the nearest 'authorized' servicer is over 100 miles away and refuses to come out here.  This poor customer is being left high and dry by Asko.  What a shame. 


That being said, I haven't given up yet.  Does anybody have a wiring diagram or better yet a tech manual for this unit?  I'm not putting anymore parts into this machine till I completely understand it.  

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Bingo!!!  Thanks!

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