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Maytag PSD2450GRQ

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Looking for a cheap garage (beer) fridge, I took this freebie with hopes to troubleshoot a warm freezer, warm fridge problem.


It was my parents Fridge and they reported the fridge and freezer getting warm.

After relocating to my garage after about 2 weeks of being powered down, I plugged this in last night.

After about 1 hr I was optimistic, the freezer was very cold and frost was developing on all the coils behind the access plate in the freezer.

No cold air was making it over to the fridge however.

After taking apart the control housing, I determined the control rod was not retracting to allow the damper door to open letting cool air to flow from the freezer.

I let the fridge to run with the control housing connected but dangling from a piece of wire so the cool air could flow to the fridge.

I wanted to see if the freezer would freeze a bottle of water

After another 10-15 minutes, the freezer began warming up and condensation forming on the bottle of water.

I left it run for another 30 mins, and it continued to blow warm air into the freezer/fridge.

The compressor got to be very warm, and was not running....


I stumbled on this youtube on checking the start relay for the compressor (and hence this forum)



Sure enough my solid state relay rattled just like the video.


One question though...could this issue cause the cold air damper not to open?


Or would you suspect another issue that caused the relay to fail and the damper not to open?


Thanks ahead for any help, apreciatte any feedback.




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