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GE Refrigerator Model #GSHS5KGXCCSS

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This unit blew a capacitor on the main computer board.


I replaced the computer and the f/f and freezer sensors and started it up.


Compressor on and coils cooling nicely.


But, no evaporator fan running.


They had alot of water overflow the icemaker because the spout became dislodged and I think

it was squirting water everywhere from the look of all the ice buildup in the freezer.


Maybe it went throug the vents also and burned out the evap fan motor, also causing the computer

to fail.


I guess an evap fan motor also needs to be changed.


Other ideas?




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

When you opened the freezer door to see if the fan is running, did you hold down the light switch with your finger? The evap. fan stops when the door is opened.

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Did you notice a burned resistor under the j2 connector on the original board? More than likely the water from the dislodged spout cascaded on top on the evap and created a huge iceberg (looks more like a large iced over ski run) on top of the evap. This eventually obstructed the fan blades which in turn burned out your board. Been there.

You have to test/replace the fan motor ASAP or a new board purchase is in your future.

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You just to got to hate G.E.They have another evaporator fan mother Part # that uses there common mother board to use in the freezer .Just when does it stop.Years ago when i work for them they would talk about how if we save one screw that this would save us a lot of money.What happen to this.

I am lucky that i live in a area that it would be rare that i could not get on the computer from my truck to look up parts.

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