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Kenmore (whirlpool) D/W 665.13744K603 Control Panel or Control Board?

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Trying to figure out which is the culprit Control Panel or Control Board..


A couple months ago Control Panel indicator lights were displaying erratically i.e.out of synch with the process,  however washer continued to operate normally (or so it seemed).  


Now nothing, no lights ... everything dead..


Checked following with multimeter.


 Power at Junction box 120v hot to ground hot to neutral,

 Micro switches appear to have proper continuity when actuated.

 thermal fuse also checks OK.

Dishwasher latches tightly


Any suggestions?


thanks in advance 


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Howdy rono!

When these control boards fail, they usually do so visually-- burned connection, black schmutz, etc.

There's a tech sheet behind the bottom panels. It may have a touch panel ribbon connector pinout that you can use to check continuity/ actuation of each keypad.

On these dishwashers, the problem you're describing is almost always caused by a bad touch panel (keypad stuck open or closed):

Any part ordered thru links on this site can be returned for any reason for one year, including electrical parts that have been installed.

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Yep thanks !


Board looked ok..


.The tech sheet says to confirm if keypad is no good... disconnect the keypad and reassemble console and power up,  if the board does not see a short or issue ,  the drain pump will turn on... which it did




When all else fails read the directions I guess..


thanks again


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Way to go, rono!   :dude:

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