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GE Triton Dishwasher Leak ... and it's not suds

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My ~2-year-old GE Triton dishwasher (GSD5500G01BB) leaks water from the bottom center of the door.  Gaskets are fine, spray arms are clear and free-spinning, and it's definitely not "over-sudsing." I took the door apart to witness the phenomenon first-hand. As the spray arm rotates, water is splashing up between the two ends of the door bottom gaskets, a sort of "wave" generated by the passing of the spray arm--As designed, this 2-piece gasket has about a 3" gap in the center of the door. Water is also splashing up through the vertical "vents" along the back side of the door, across its width. This splashing is enough that an occasional drop lands out of the tub and eventually finds the floor. These door "features" are as-designed, so why is water coming out of the tub?  Level too high?  If so, is that anything I can adjust? "Wave action" too violent? How does the spray arm generate this, and what control do I have over it?  Any ideas are appreciated.

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   You might try adjusting your door strike so it takes a little more effort to latch the door.  Also see if there are raised plastic ridges on your door flange,  They might even leave a mark on your door gasket a couple of inches from the bottom.  I've been known to scrape those ridges smooth with a sharp knife.  May the Force be with you and guide you.

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