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Whirlpool GSX9885JQ0 won't agitate or spin/drain

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the washer has before in the past kind of hung where it wouldn't spin/drain.  usually unplugging it and disconnecting all the plugs on the board will reset it.  i've had to reset it maybe 3 or 4 times in the past few years.


no error codes are shown and the status just shows rinse with the countdown time not counting down anymore.


this time around, the reset worked for the load but it did the same thing on the next load and resetting it would not get it to drain.


i ran the diagnostic tests and it wouldn't drain.  it also wouldn't spin which is not something it has ever had a problem with.  when you start the test, you hear the click like it's supposed to be engaging but cycling through it just won't spin or agitate.


started with the normal troubleshooting and took a look at the motor


drain pump looked good, no clogs.

motor couplings are intact

motor did not have a burnt out smell

when you open the lid during a test, it will throw the open lid error code but i jumped the connection just in case


it never had any problems w/ the motor/transmission before prior to this so i don't think that is the problem.


i don't have a capacitor tester so i went to grainger and bought a replacement thinking the capacitor went out. 


hooked everything back up and the same problem still.  during diagnostic tests, it would just click but not spin.


looking at replacement costs on parts, if it's the motor/transmission/main board, i'll just replace the unit as it's 12 years old and can't justify spending a couple of hundred on it.


anything else i should check?  anything else i missed or should try?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

you can hear the audible clicks from behind the control panel but i don't think the motor is making any sounds.  it's not spinning or stuck or anything.


had the capacitor tested and the new one is good and the old one is bad.


just not sure what i'm missing when i put everything back together.

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just messed with it some more.  left the case open, removed the motor and and plugged everything in.  jumped the lid switch and the motor never engages during the diagnostics.


if i had to guess i think it may be the board not sending the signal to start the motor.


checked all the connectors to make sure all the wires/pins are still seated and they are.  on the motor, made sure the 2 harnesses are connected along with the capacitor connections.  there are 2 connectors on the motor that are still seated too.

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