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Neptune MAH4000AWW washer fills not wash

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Washer fills but will not wash or empty water. The button clicks when held down, and the cycle button does not change.

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Time for the Basic Motor Function Test:


Motor & Motor Control Test
1. Set the timer knob into the delay incre- ments.
2. Press the push-to-start switch to start the washer in the delay mode. Confirm the delay light is ON.
3. Check for 120 VAC between the L and N terminals (black wire no.27 and white wire no. 13) on the motor control board. If not present, check wiring between the ma- chine control and the motor control boards.
4. Unplug the washer power cord. Test cord to the same board terminals.
5. RemoveJP4Interfaceconnectorwirehar- ness on front end of motor control board.
6. Plug the washer power cord into a 120 VAC power source. The motor control will im- mediately execute a test routine and the motor should run, rotating the spinner at 50 rpm.
6. If the motor runs, and the spinner rotates at the proper RPM speed, the problem lies outside of the motor and motor control circuit. Disconnect power to the washer and reconnect the JP4 Interface connec- tor to the motor control.
7. If the motor does not run, install the upgraded motor and control board kit:

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