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Maytag LAT9406: new brake & belts but still won't spin

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Ten months ago I replaced the tub seal & bearing due to leaks.  Worked fine after, although it sounded a  bit different.


This week it stopped spinning.  Agitates fine, fills & drains fine.  Replaced the brake, the thrust bearing, the radial bearing above the brake, and the belts and the motor sliders & springs.  It will spin when empty if I "kick start" it with the lid interlock bypassed, but won't spin when full of clothes.  Belt tension seems loose to me.


During agitate, my orbital transmission housing rotates from side to side about an inch at a time, with the result being a very slow right-to-left net rotation when viewed from the front.  This is accompanied by a lot of motor sliding motion.  If the brake is (supposedly) on during agitation, why is the housing moving?


I don't think the agitator is supposed to move during the drain cycle, but how is this possible if there's no clutch?  Does the drum belt slip on the motor pulley by design?  and if so, how does it reset or restart when the spin cycle begins?  Couldn't find the details of this explained anywhere online.


Only reason I can think of for this not to spin is that perhaps I misinstalled the seal and eventually water ruined my new bearing.  But there are no leaks inside or out.  What am I missing here?


The machine is 15 yrs old but I hate to replace it since this Dependable Care series is supposed to last forever and be better than whatever I'd buy.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

More info:  removed the inner drum.  No foreign objects.  Activated spin with drum removed:  transmission housing jerks about 1" to the right (CCW from the top) and stops.  Repeats every time I close & open the lid.  (Is this a fair test or does the motor somehow need the resistance of the heavy drum to behave correctly?)

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  Belt tension seems loose to me.





Probably is.  Adjust it by loosening the three pump retaining screws and sliding the pump out.  The adjustment is shown on the package of the belts you bought... IF you used genuine OEM replacement belts.


The belt is supposed to slip on the main drive pulley.  It heats up with friction and increases the grab.


The agitator will spin with the rest of the tub during spin.  

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