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Joseph Strevens

Fisher & Paykel E372B

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My Fisher & Paykel E372B has started randomly beeping.

Every couple of days it starts beeping (without having opened the door).

The control panel has a flashing led behind the lower door panel. No other leds are flashing.

Opening and closing doors doesn't help.

Pressing the = button stops the beeping but the flashing led continues.

the fridge and freezer still feel about the right temp.


a list of fault codes/service manual would be much appreciated!

thank you!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

its failed defrost


remove the control module from the rear of the unit next to the conpressor


remove the defrost connector brown wires


measure ohms , about 150 ohms


if you dont read anything then failed defrost element


if you do read 150 ohms then look at fans , particularly fridge fan in the bottom rear of the fridge behind the panel , looking for broken wire

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