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Kitchenaid KUDS35FXSS lower spray arm wobbly

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Hi folks, I have a Kitchenaid KUDS35FXSS dishwasher which is just over a year old at this point.


My wife noticed that the lower spray arm is wobbly and (when no water is present) spinning it by hand makes it bang into some plastic part on the bottom. She thinks it shouldn't be that way and that is why the dishes aren't coming clean sometimes.


I think it is supposed to be that way, and that once the pump is forcing water out through it, it will be pushed upwards and balance out, and won't hit anything while spinning. I think the sporadic poor dish cleaning is from poor loading. No rhythmic banging sound can be heard while it is running.


So, lower spray arm supposed to be wobbly or not?


thanks -


Rob K.

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You are is loose till the pressure hits it...loading is important. Also make sure hot water is 120 minimum incoming...use correct amount of detergent for your water hardness...always use rinse aid for proper drying and open the tap at the sink right before you start the cycle, to ensure a hot fill, first fill.

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