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Whirlpool WFW8300 No spin No codes No self diag

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Got home from vacation with loads of laundry.  First load gets to end of cycles and quits spinning out and wont unlock.  Manually unlock door, lint trap clean, obvious stuff good like ac power and belt.  Unplug and plug several times, etc.  Tried self diagnostic, will only get to step one of door lock then that's it.  Did get it to go through the fill and pump out cycles just like it was washing but the drum never turned an inch.  And both times it quit with 4 mins to go and locked in clothes.  Looked at MCU and CCU boards but see no tell tale burned marks.  Motor ohms good, level switch test good.  ONLY thing II found odd was door lock assy solenoids did not ohm to 60 each as described in test procedure.  Must this be exactly 60 ohms each?  6 year old machine and I really don't want to buy two $200 CU's just to try.

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