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Matt Taylor

GE WCVH Error Code E46

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Hello, first of all thank you in advance for reading this and helping!


So I have a GE front loading washing machine WCVH6800, it was in my basement about two years ago  when it flooded and I called a service tech because it wasn't working and he replaced the motor control board.  Now less about 2 years later its acting up again, I was hoping to avoid a costly service call again so I figured I'd tackle the problem first and see if i could fix it.  It has not flooded again down there, or anything like that.  My wife put in a load of clothes and then told me it wasn't working right this weekend.


The problem is that when it runs a load it will fill with water, then try to agitate the clothes, drain, unlock the door and sit.  I put it in test mode and it is throwing E46, when running test 10 it only tumbles one way (counter clock wise if i remember right but honestly I didn't write it down) and test 11 it won't spin at all it just sits there at 0 rpms.  The drum rotates freely, the belt seems to be in good shape, not to tight or loose.  Water pump, and water level tests return normal results and that is the only error code I'm getting so I assume that my problem is the motor or inverter.


I pulled out the motor and tested the windings, it is 6ohms (or close, currently i have my dad's old very crappy multimeter, when my neighbor gets home later I will double check with his quality one) so I'm not sure if I should replace the motor or the inverter.


Is there a test I can do to check the inverter?  I currently have them both removed and sitting on the floor next to me but could easily re install them if they need to be in order to check them.  


If I do need to order a new part is there a site you would recommend?  I would love to narrow it down to one or the other but if I need to I will simply order both and see which one fixes the problem and return the other but that obviously is not ideal.


Thank you again please let me know if you need any more information or have any suggestions!



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now! for the parts, you can buy them and return any part for a full year. Please include your complete model number. You're missing some digits.

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wcvh6800j1ms sorry about that, thanks for the quick response!

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from the GE Front Load Washer DCVH

service manual


E46 Drive motor - over temperature / Inverter over temperature.
Check Motor - t10 tumble, t11 spin, T14 spin.
Power down (unplug) washer, wait 30 seconds and retry

- use whites cycle sanitize temperature

- if reoccurs, replace drive motor. (Note: Cannot occur with open winding.)

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