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how do you cycle test the WR30X10093 icemaker

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used to back in the day use a jumper wire to cycle the whirlpool style icemakers or turn the small gear on the gear type till heater engaged and then it was off and running but i havent worked on this type and dont know how to initiate a test cycle-could use some knowledge  thanks

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is there Ice in the IceMaker ?


Power On Diagnostics
When the icemaker is first connected to power and if thermistor temperature is 50°F (10°C) or higher,

the control will perform a Power On test before entering the freeze cycle.
The test consists of the following:
• Turn on the motor until it reaches home the next time.
• Turn on the water valve for 1/2 second.
• Tum on the heater for 1/2 second.
• Verify that the feeler arm was in the "in" and then in the "out" position.
• Verify that the motor was not in the home position and then in the home position.
• Verify that the motor does not remain on after being turned off.
• Proceed to the freeze cycle.
Note:The power on test will only add 1/2 second of water, which will not overflow the mold with a normal fill,

but may cause a small cube when the refrigerator is first started.
If the temperature is below 50°F (10°C), the control will power up normally.

If in the home position, the control will enter the freeze cycle.
If the motor is not home, the control will enter the harvest cycle but bypass water fill to avoid overfilling the mold.


Service Diagnostics
During the first 15 seconds that power is first applied to the icemaker,

the Service Diagnostic Test mode may be entered.

The service mode is entered by pushing the feeler arm from the "out" position to the "in" position
and back again 3 times and only 3 times within 15 seconds.
Note: If the icemaker has already started a harvest cycle and the arm is moving,

it may be impossible to properly move the arm and enter the service mode without allowing it to reset and powering up again.
The service diagnostic mode consists of a harvest cycle followed by a water fill.

The harvest cycle is entered immediately, regardless of icemaker temperature or arm position.
While in the harvest cycle in the service mode, the heater will remain on for a minimum of 20 seconds.

The water fill cycle will initiate the first fill (5.1 seconds) without waiting for the mold to "prechill".

Only one water fill occurs during the service mode, whether the thermistor has reached 39.2°F (4°C) or not.

The icemaker will exit the service diagnostic test on its own and enter the normal freeze cycle.

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WOW!!!!!!  I may have not asked the right question. kind of confused. what im talking about is if you just walk up to the freezer the icemaker is already inside and monted and is cold.(basically its always been in there since day one the people just said for the last year it hasnt made ice so they just put bag ice in bucket) Im just trying to figure out how to make this particular style to run a quick complete cycle( you know teeth start moving,go all the way around and right near the end of cycle energize water valve and fill mold and then teeth stop right back where they started) i guess they still do that  maybe this ones different. Sure looks different from what i worked on day in and day out for probably 15 years it has a plastic paddle style feeler arm that is on a horizontal plane(cant figure out how it feels anything)and a switch on the head that appears to be on because a green light is on. i realize unless its changed dramatically in the last few years a no ice problem is a water valve problem about 90 percent of the time but the cycle test will tell me if it cycles and indeed does energize the valve. If im understanding you correctly i just walk up to it and grab that white plastic paddle(feelerarm) and pull it out (towards me) and push it back(starting position) three times and it should cycle?

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Turn the Im power off, then back on. The paddle should already be in the out position unless the IM is harvesting or there is something else going on. Then just press it in (it springs back out) three times in 15 seconds.

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Also make sure it has been connected to water and the water is turned on.

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