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Maytag Centennial, trouble spinning?

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We have a Maytag Centennial, Model# MVWC400XW0, that was left in the house when we moved in.  Been fine for 2 years.


A couple of weeks ago, loads started coming out soaked.  Drain ended up being fine, and there was no standing water.  A few times my wife put it on a drain and spin cycle, and that would help, but it no longer does much.


So of course, I took it apart. Tub has no trouble spinning, and no other problems with the motor, actuator, or shifter cam were obvious.  I downloaded the tech manual off this site yesterday (awesome) and did some testing and diagnostics.  With no load, I ran the automatic test cycle and everything seemed to be fine.  Then I manually tested the spin and agitation, and again, everything seemed OK.


I thought maybe there was a wire loose somewhere, and that messing with them I had put it back, so I tried a load with some towels.  They again came out soaked.  I put it in manual test for high spin with the wet towels in it, and the tub spins, but not anywhere near top speed.  Could the problem be in the motor?


Before I get out the multimeter and start prodding the control board, any ideas what could be the problem?  Is it possibly the tachometer?  Thanks in advance.

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One more detail, its putting out fault codes for "Basket Speed Sensor Fault," and "High Water Temperature - Rinse Cycle."

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