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So, I'm looking at my breaker panel and....

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Greetings from Oregon, where we kiss where the sun don't shine. (Same goes for Washingtonians, Canadians, YTn's and Alaskans)


Having just passed the one year anniversary of our purchase of our first home, I'm revisiting a few things we learned from the realtor during our negotianions phase. Apparently the P.O. of this home was a very elderly lady whose son was a farmer. On his own he built an addition (without permits) to the back of the home on the existing sun deck. Also he had "upgraded" several of the outlets in the home, some with GFI switches, some without and I learned that he had 'done up' the electrical in this home too.

This leads me to the troubles we've been having with electrical ovens in this place. The existing range failed to reach temperatures above 300* making frozen pizzas or even take n bakes a no go. Being short of funds after purchasing this house we hit the local Hab for Humanity and scored a good looking range within our very tight budget. This was an older Tappan missing a couple of knobs but I'd great luck with these back in the 80's. Well, go figure, my wife didn't like my idiom very much, and this became especially clear when this Tappan had the same issue of not heating beyound about 315*. Up until this point we were using oven thermometers to gauge how hot it was getting, but from this point I had already purchased an IR digital gauge.

So, we pitched (responsibly) the Tappan and headed back to Hab for Humanity and spotted a nice looking Kitchen Aid with a glass range top that my wife likes. Well, this one made it up to around 350* and the bottom element doesn't even glow as the broil element does, in this respect the top of our food (pizzas among other) get burned on the top before the crust is done. Right frustrating this.

So with this Kitchen Aid we've replaced the cord, the bake element and the bake temperature sender bulb, all to no avail. My wife has since thrown in the towel so we haven't had pizza in quite a long time (not altogether a bad thing).

So I'm reading an article in Family Handyman magazine and they're working on a breaker panel converting to 240v and it got me to thinking that as this home was electrically 'updated' by this farmer, perhaps he miswired for 240v at the panel. Save for replacing main panel fuses and breakers at my work I admit I'm no electrician, but before I call one to check this out (taking a further hit to our already tight budget) are there any obvious issues with the manner in which these two breakers are wired for the oven?





Thanks for looking at this!

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picture of the entire Breaker Box may be helpful

Does this Breaker Box have (2) rows of Breakers ? (should)

Is the house actually wired for 240 ?

(3 main wires entering the House)

L1, Neutral, L2

Outside Electric Meter should say 240v 3 wire

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after a closer look, it seems you would have 240v

Does the electric Dryer work OK ?

Yes, the (2) Breakers for a Range / Oven / electric Dryer should be on the same side, one above the other.

is there 240v from one of those Oven Breakers to the other

while the Oven is ON ?

Is this a




Range cord / outlet connection ?

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