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Joshua Scholar

Can I use this Frigidaire control board in this GE dryer?

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I have a customer who called me to say that his tenent's ge dsxh47ggww dryer shuts off after running for a few seconds with 6 beeps and that his handyman said that it's the error which means "stuck key".


As far as I can tell, that machine (all versions of it) have all of their buttons on a WE19X10080 control board, so if there's a stuck key, I have to replace the board.  However that board is very expensive and if that's what it is, the customer won't pay for a repair.

However it's a dryer made by Frigidaire for GE, and I've noticed that the Frigidaire control board 134484212 looks the same, at least in pictures and it is a lot cheaper. 


see, they look the same:


The picture is just upside down for the Frigidaire one.


Can I use that instead?


Also I can't find a manual for a dsxh47ggww, perhaps the manual for Frigidaire unit that uses the other board will work, maybe an LEQ1442ES0.


I've also noticed that in parts lists the GE dryer has another number a 0 through 3 before the WW but looking up the boards, they all seem to use the same board so it shouldn't matter.  The customer hasn't got back to me with a model number taken from the door instead of from a manual, in case that's more specific.


Josh Scholar

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Also, though I know it's not the same thing, I've had good luck using identical (but differently numbered) motor control boards between Whirlpool, Kenmore and Maytag washing machines that all seem to be the same machine on the inside.


It was just a matter of the fact that they fail so often, and having an identical looking board already in my truck saved me a trip.

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The first link gives "access denied."  Do you have another link for that product?

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