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Fisher&Paykel Intuitive Dryer DEIX2 - Fault Code 3

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My dryer stopped during the "Towel" cycle with Fault Code 3.  When I opened the lid, the drum had not reset in the correct position to retrieve the towels.  I got the towels by following the instructions on the drum.  But my dryer won't run now.  Only show the "Fault Code 3 - Call for service " message.  HELP!!!

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Note:  Mechanical movement of the drum (or not) means that it rotates as usual (or not) when the machine is turned on.  If the motor doesn't run at all then (3) or (4).


Fault Code 3 Drum Stalled.

(1) If there is mechanical movement of the drum, but this fault code is appearing, follow the procedures for fault code 2.

(2) If there is no mechanical movement of the drum, check drum movement mechanisms: belt, motor and motor harness.

(3) Replace the motor control module.

(4) Replace the motor.



Fault Code 2 Drum Gap Cannot be Located.

(1) Ensure the sensor module is correctly located and clipped into place.
(2) Replace the lens on the sensor module.
(3) Replace the sensor module.
(4) Remove the top deck and clean the drum sensing “bumps” on the outside of the drum end.
(5) Replace the drum.

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