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LG washer dryer combo

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I posted something similar a while back. LG mod WM3431HW combo washer dryer. Clothes come out wetter after dry cycle than they do after spin cycle. I have already cleaned out loads of lint from the lint chute, I replaced the pump, the machine has heat and good flow of air. I would be most grateful for help, the customer is just a little p.o.'d.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Whenever servicing the LG combo WM3431---identify/correct any fault/defect---then remove all lint from the DUCT ASSY.


Replace the DRAIN MOTOR (4681EA2001T) and WATER VALVE (AJU71030102).


In most cases---this should be done about every three years for a family of 3 or more (very heavy usage/cycle run times).

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Thank you John63. I will replace the H2o valve and hopefully not hear from p.o.'d customer again.

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<<< I will replace the H2o valve and hopefully not hear from p.o.'d customer again.>>>




A customer that is "po'd" is understandable---if they've had a problem with their appliance.


Provide your customer with the following information---and they'll be more informed as to how best to use the combo washer/dryer.


Use ONLY "HE" type detergent in the following dosage (for this small-size tub):


HE (regular concentration): (1) Tablespoon Per Wash


HE 2X (double concentrated): (1) Teaspoon Per Wash


HE 3X (triple concentrated): ***NOT RECOMMENDED***


Remind the customer *not* to load the washer tub past the ***black hash mark*** that is located on a sticker/emblem---on the left side of the door/tub opening.

A fully loaded tub will *wash* fine---as long as the clothing is not compressed/pushed into the tub but---the laundry will not dry very well (taking up to 6 hours to dry laundry).


Advise the customer to select/use the TIME DRY dryer cycle rather than *automatic*.

They will need to select the desired cycle RUN TIME for the dry cycle.

After a month or so of using the TIME DRY cycle---the customer will become familiar with the amount of time needed to adequately dry an average-size or type of laundry load.

Using the TIME DRY cycle in a combo unit---eliminates/avoids using the dual THERMISTORS that are located on the DUCT ASSY.

This also allows for a higher temperature during the dry cycle (laundry dries faster).

Use the *automatic* dryer cycles for Delicates only.


Armed with all of this *very* relevant information---the customer becomes less frustrated/more relieved---that not only do they have far better *intel* on their particular combo---but that you ACTUALLY CARED to inform/educate them about it.

It's best to write this down and give it to the customer.

It's *impossible* for the average customer to *memorize* all of this:)

Good Luck.

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