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Mrs Rum

ADB1200AWS Dishwasher - Water in the bottom. How much is too much?

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Greetings Samurai and Honored others, 


I'm disassembling my dishwasher again (I learned how in last year's grand adventure!) because it smells like something died.  It's gross.  Smells fine after a load runs but let it sit for a day and holy schmoley. 


I've taken everything out to wash and at the bottom under thing with the fins and around the motor is a channel and at the upper right of the channel is the drain.  I think.


There's water in the channel and I'm not sure if there should be, or if I have a problem.  I can't remember from last time if I had water in there or not.  I think that some water makes sense, the drain isn't flush to the bottom of the channel so you couldn't really have all the water out anyway.


Also - it's GROSS!  What am I doing wrong that my dishwasher is gunky, greasy, and ack-nasty.  The water in the channel is nasty, the fin thingy is nasty, under the lip at the bottom of the door is nasty.  <shudder>   :banghead:


Any guidance would be, as always, greatly appreciated and beer fund compensated.  :blinky:

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

I discovered a huge piece of a pecan blocking a side of the drain!  So I'm certain that it was not draining properly, leaving stagnant water behind that we wouldn't have seen under the filter pump (right?  That's the fin thing...the filter pump?) and so when it pulled water in it was pumping nasty disgusting water as well as new water, and then cycle was literally repeating itself.  


I think this is born out by all the places I found crud.  


So it's all clean, nothing is blocking the drain and we'll try it again.

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Oh, and the icky stinky tube that I think is the intake for the upper spray arm?  Stiff dose of vinegar and then a hanger to push a bunchy bit of fabric through to clean the gunk out.   :sick: Glad that's done.

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