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LG Dishwasher "nE" Error

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Something to be mindful of---when servicing a recently installed LG dishwasher...




"I've just purchased this dishwasher. It throws an error of "nE" about 5 minutes into the cycle and refuses to run a complete cycle."


"I've contacted Customer Service because I could not find the definition for what the "nE" error was---and they too were unaware of what it means."




The customer had a plumber install the dishwasher for them---and most plumbers are not too savvy installing *tall tub* dishwashers as they are with pipes/drains:)


Especially if the kitchen has a "built-up" floor.


In this case---the plumber opted to use *solid* copper pipe rather than the flex/stainless water line.


During the installation---the plumber struggled to get the dishwasher under the counter.


After finally succeeding---now came the dilemma of installing the solid copper pipe to the water valve.


Once that was accomplished---the plumber declared success and submitted a bill and left.


The problem was that during the forced/shoving of the dishwasher into the counter space---the copper water line had damaged the MICROSWITCH (3W40025C)---which "tells" the Main Board the position of the Vario/Stepping Motor.

This Motor & Switch---re-directs wash water from the lower wash arm---to the middle & upper wash arms and back---approximately every 90 seconds.


If the Main Board does not receive confirmation that the position of the Microswitch has changed---this will trigger an error of "nE" (which is not listed in the Owner Manual and most Service Manuals).





Removed dishwasher.

Installed new Micro Switch and Stainless Steel Flex Water Line.


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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Good tip, John, thanks for sharing!  


Does LG specify that only steel braided hose should be used for installation in the use and care guide?  If not, it seems like they should based on your experience here.  

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"After fitting the elbow into the inlet valve, slide the flexible stainless steel water line or copper tube into the elbow."


Using solid copper for a water line---with tall tub dishwashers is not practical for installations nor to allow ease-of-service at some point later.

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