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ge profile pdw8200j01ww will not drain

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How do I pull the pump off of the above model dishwasher?

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

You have to pull the dishwasher from under the counter and tilt it back to be able to reach everything. Once you get it out you just disconnect the pump from the hose, sump, and 2 mounting screws.

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1) Pull dishwasher out

2) Remove pump from left rear corner.

But if it's not draining what makes you think it's the pump? I'd start a rinse cycle and after it starts sloshing the water about inside push the reset button (same as the start button). After the slosh stops the next thing you'll hear is the drain pump. If you do hear the pump my money rides on the good old junk-in-the-sump. You can check that without pulling the DW.

1) Open door and remove rack.

2) Turn the spray arm backwards while lifting up on it and remove it

3) Remove the plastic cover just behind and to the right of the middle

4) Squeeze the sides of the basket that's down there and pull it out. You might have to squeeze pretty hard.

If there was gunk clogging it run a couple rinse cycles without the strainer but with CLR or Boraxo to clear the sludge from the rest of the system.  

Google the model number and click on 'Images' and there are bunches of blow up pictures for this model.

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