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Kenmore 106.50592000 Fridge

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I have this Whirlpool fridge that is intermittently cutting on and off. When it cuts off, it is completely dead, no lights or cooling. I checked connections and for smoked boards and found nothing. The tech sheet was missing so I could not follow wiring diagram for route the power takes from outlet. Has any one ran into this before and if not is there a service manual and tech sheet available for this model.


I have not physically seen this unit in the dead state, just going off what customer is telling me. I have not been able to trace from power source to see where it is losing voltage.


Had her use a different outlet and still same situation every couple hours.



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Possibly a failing power control board part no. 2252155

but I would be careful relying solely on a customer's explanation of the symptoms.

Please ask for manuals in the Appliance Service Manual Request Forum. Thanks

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