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Maytag MAH5500BWW - Noise while spinning - missing retaining ring?

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So I took it all apart and found a piece of flat metal down in the sump area of the outer looked to be the remnants of a retaining ring...somewhat flattened out and about the diameter of the seal/bearing if bent back into shape...but no ends left (with the little holes for using snap-ring tools with...).  I could feel some friction and hear a scraping noise when I rotated the big pulley/inner spin drum by I figured I'd replace the bearings and seals.


In looking all over the 'net,  I canot find a diagram that shows a retaining ring...either on the front side of the shaft for inner tub or the back (by the big pulley).  I do see seal kits and such, but cannot determine if they have a retaining ring or rings.  These seal kits are substitutions (hopefully improved) for the original part(s), so maybe the ring(s) are not needed?


Hoping someone can tell me if I should expect to see a retaining ring clip or two with the kit.  I ordered the full replacement kit:


Maytag Neptune Washer Laundry Lip Seal Kit 12002022
This kit comes with instructions, early lip seal, revised lip seal, o-ring, bearing#6207-2RS, bearing#6206-2RS and washer kit.
SKU: K0400-7PCS+6206+6207


from The Big Bearing Store (

Looks like the previous post got truncated a bit...can anyone tell me the difference between a early lip seal and a revised lip seal and when to use each one?

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