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Crosley front load washer, getting top off.

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Ok I'm starting this post as a help to us learning people. I have found videos for lots of other washers but could not find one for the Crosley I was working on. When I did a search here I could not find a simular post telling how to get the top off. The model number I worked on was a CAH4205AWJ.

It has 4 screws in the door frame that must be removed, two hold the door on, the door is reverasable.

After the scews are removed the door may come out or may hang up in the slots, but the front U shaped front pannel can now be lifted up and out of the two bottom retaing pins and slots.

Now look under the lid/ top and remove the two 5/16 head screws, the top will hinge back.

May have been easy for some to figure out, but I have tore up lots of clips, and pulled out screws.

If any one has pictures or can add to this please do. Just when you think you know how to take em apart the come up with a different way to put-em together. JEEP, we used that term in the military, Means : Just Enough Experience (to)Pass, or Junior Experimental Enlisted Personell

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Crosley CAH4205AWJ built by Maytag c.2005

similar to the MAH4000 / MAH5000

Crosley Washer
built by Maytag

Repair Part List - CAH4205AWJ w/wiring

16026774 tech sheets


standard Maytag Neptune Service Manual

Maytag Washer Neptune F/L Solid Door

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Couldn't describe that procedure much better myself.  I'll usually remove the four screws from the dispenser frame before lifting the top.

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